Frequently Asked Questions

 *As of February 2020, our Subscription service has been canceled. We will be adding a similar feature in the future*



1. How long will it take for my bows to ship?

I generally ship all orders out between 2-6 business days. During a sale, the average wait may be a little longer. If you need your order shipped ASAP, you can always email me at, DM me on Instagram, or add priority/overnight mail to your order at checkout.


2. Can I convert all of my bows from headbands to clips?

Yes. All of my bows are convertible. I do not glue the bows to the headbands, unless it is a vintage hankie bow. All vintage velvet's, ribbons, fables, etc are easily convertible. You will just need a pair of scissors to snip the nylon headband. Then, slide the headband out from the bow loops. Next, slide an alligator clip into the same spot the nylon headband had been sitting. Do not try to slide an alligator clip in with teeth (teeth-less alligator clips only).

3. Are you hiring?

At the moment, I am not ready to hire any seamstresses yet. I am currently a one woman shop, but am always willing to take applications for seamstress positions for the future!



Subscription Questions (ended Feb 2020):

1. What kind of bows will I receive with my Monthly Bow Subscription? 

You will receive three bows every month, ranging from vintage velvet's, vintage trims, vintage hankie bows, metallics, glitter velvets, fun prints/grosgrains or 100% silk vintage Freya velvet's. Bows will be brand new (never released before... so you don't already have it if you have purchased from me before!) When you choose "long tail" or "short tail" at checkout, this ONLY applies to vintage velvet's and trims that CAN be made into the long tail version. Otherwise, you will be getting the bows on clips (like you chose), without the long tails. We have a variety of baby bows, newborn bows, toddler bows, pigtail bows and more.

2. Do you accept returns for the Monthly Bow Subscription?

We do not accept any returns. If your item is defective, please email

3. Are the Monthly Bow Subscription bows new vintage materials?

Bows will be brand new (never released before... so you don't already have it if you have purchased from me before!) Not ALL Monthly Bow Subscriptions will be made of vintage materials, but most will be! I will try to find the rarest materials I can find each month.

4. Will their be a variety of bows each month?

Every month the type of bow will change! Example: one month you may receive a chunky, a regular size vintage velvet and a vintage trim bow. Another month you may receive three chunkies, etc.

5.Is shipping included in the price of $19.99/month

No, shipping will be an additional fee (usually around $3-$4) each month.

6. Can I modify or cancel my order at anytime?

Yes! You can MODIFY, CHANGE, CANCEL or SKIP on any order! Just log in to your BBB account and you will be able to make any and all changes there

7. Will we see the bows before hand every month

Yes. You can see a sneak peek of each monthly bow subscription on our Instagram @BellaBeanBows