Our Story

Born and raised in New York, I grew up with a passion for dance and a cheerleading, an interest in health and fitness, a drive for school and extra curricular activities, and a love for writing. I visioned myself working in the heart of NYC after graduating at The Pennsylvania State University, with a career in journalism/advertising prior. But after finishing my sophomore year of college and returning home for my summer break, I soon discovered I was already 4 weeks pregnant with the best surprise I've ever received.
Bella was born the following February, in 2016, and made me a mom at the most perfect time. She sat on my lap each day as I finished my degree in Strategic Communications, after transferring to Penn State World Campus. And then in June 2016, BellaBeanBows was created.
At just 20 years old, with a beautiful, 5 month old, blessing on my lap, I started this bow journey with little-to-no-knowledge of sewing, business, or sales. Together, we have grown; me as a mommy and a business owner, her as a toddler and an inspiration, and together as best friends. My inspiration and the reason I started this small business 2 years ago; my very own Bella Bean.
BellaBeanBows has grown from a small idea of mine to a real-life, vintage dream. The idea of vintage remnants from the 1900's made into timeless hair accessories for your little girls has become my passion, vision, talent and drive. I focus on bringing rare and hard-to-find antique materials to the bow world by seeking out the rarest and most unique vintage velvets, trims. remnants, and fabrics from all across the world. BellaBeanBows has become a brand of vintage purpose; to reuse, recycle, invest and capture the scarcest of vintage textiles from places like Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, and Croatia. 
We've learned that life is an adventure and together, we can do anything.
I hope you and your littles find something you love and cherish.