Monthly Bow Subscription - Nylon Headband

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Every month, BellaBeanBows will ship out a surprise bow package to your doorstep filled with one rare/vintage bow that are unavailable for individual purchase! You can expect your surprise bow to be stylish, classic, antique, and timeless, as always from BBB. Your bow subscription is discounted, and set to reoccur the second of each month for that months bows. Bows then ship out the first week of each month.


* Please keep in mind that if you are choosing long tails for your subscription, please note this only on bows that CAN be made with long tails (regular size vintage velvet's and trims). If a chunky is part of the monthly subscription, the chunky vintage velvet will be on the finish of your choosing (clip if you chose long tail) but will not have the long tails, since chunkies only come in one size **