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Vintage Velvet ~ Bright Purple

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These are made with 1.5" vintage antique velvet ribbons from the 1900s, measuring approx. 3 - 3.5 inches across. This size is recommended for all ages. It is not too big or not too small for any aged girl. These come in clips and headbands for babies & toddlers, with long tails or extra long tails for older girls!

These ribbons are extremely scarce and unique, making this hairbow a truly antique and timeless accessory for you and your littles to pass down from generation to generation.


Feel free to customize the bow however you like, since all of my vintage velvet and vintage trim bows are 'made to order' meaning, I can create the perfect size bow made just for you.


Come join in on the vintage, bow fun! We focus on bringing rare, hard-to-find, antique materials from the early 1900's to the bow world by seeking out the rarest and most unique vintage velvets, trims. remnants, and fabrics from all across the world. These materials include vintage velvet ribbons from the early 1900s, no longer made nor sold overseas or in the United States. These are normally my most valued bows - once a velvet leaves my shop, the color or material may never return!

We carry baby bows, newborn bows, toddler bows, pigtail bows, and more. Most bows are truly one of a kind.

Shipping & Returns

I usually ship within 1-2 business days. If you need this sooner, leave a note at checkout and I will accommodate your needs.


If your product says it was made with 1.5" materials, your bow is most likely about 3-3.5" in width across (this size is great for babies and toddlers).

If your product says it was made with 2" material, your bow is most likely 4-4.2" across, great for older babies, toddlers with long hair for the clip option, and older girls.

Care Instructions

(Almost) all bows are handmade using scarce, vintage materials. Since these materials may be from the early 1900s - present, materials may require extra sensitive touch and care. Keep bows out of littles mouths (babies especially who love to take their bows off and chew on them!) If your handmade bow does become saturated, let dry on a flat surface and use light heat on the material to straighten it out again. You can use a hair straightener or a small iron to iron out any wrinkles the saturation may have caused - always use heated products on low heat!

Female Owned + A Single Moms Start-up

BellaBeanBows has grown from a small idea of mine to a real-life, vintage dream. I envisioned myself working in the heart of NYC after graduating college, but after finishing my sophomore year, I soon discovered I was already 4 weeks pregnant with the best surprise I've ever received.

The idea of vintage remnants from the 1900's made into timeless hair accessories for your little girls has become my passion, vision, talent and drive, after a lot of research about these materials. I focus on bringing rare and hard-to-find antique materials to the bow world by seeking out the rarest and most unique vintage velvets, trims. remnants, and fabrics from all across the world.

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